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The advent of digital signage has truly revolutionized the entire communication medium, which retailers and advertisers had so far used to communicate and advertise their products to their target audiences. In a country like Singapore, where companies are facing the fiercest of competitions to create a name for themselves and gain recognition, there was a need for advanced digital media Singapore solutions which could enable them to deliver customized content to their target customers anytime, anywhere.


And that is the very mission of our company!


We, at Koosignage, provide you with aesthetically driven digital signage solutions by utilizing the most advanced technologies. Our full motion colored videos and interactive touchscreens provide you the opportunity to increase the impact of your messages and content multiple times. Whether you are looking for LED, LCD or Transparent Displays, we have it all! In addition, our highly experienced team would provide you with installation support for video walls, kiosk fabrication as well as standard mounting.


Koosignage started from developing smart home solutions and over the years have ventured. Into digital signage solutions.  We have forged many partners from around the world to ensure that our solutions can be catered to your needs.


KOO has the software and hardware expertise thus our products are fully customised to your requirements. 










We want to lead the charge in making audience engagement digital the norm for the future.

We give our best in listening to your needs and delivering what we promise. We strive to be your best digital signage solution provider.



Privacy Policy​

KOO respects your privacy. Our privacy policy is simple and provides you with the assurances you need to surf the KOO site freely and securely.

KOO collects visitor information through its Web Forms. Use of these forms is voluntary. When submitting information to KOO, you can rest assured your information is secure and will remain confidential. Your information will not be sold or shared with other KOO partners. When submitting contact information through our online forms you agree to the following: We reserve the right to use the information we collect to contact you in regards to your inquiry. You may opt-out from receiving these communications at any time.

If you have any questions about KOO's use of your personal information or if you feel that KOO's privacy policy is inadequate in any way, please contact us at your convenience.

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